Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (YCMD) has been active in Indonesia for over 25 years developing numerous educational, humanitarian and social programs. Some highlights include long-term disaster relief and community rebuilding after the Asian Tsunami as well as volcanic eruptions, establishing a free medical clinic, construction of rural schools and developing local language educational materials and training programs.

In 2007 while visiting a remote location on the island of Timor, YCMD was introduced to the impoverished community of Atambua—a tiny fishing village with no infrastructure or resources. With no school for miles around, a dedicated teacher had begun teaching a group of eager village children on the bare dirt floor of a neighbor’s house. YCMD responded to the desperate pleas for help and through rallying friends and donors to collaborate, coordinated the construction of a two-room fully-functioning school house, completed in 2008.

In time the school became so popular that it had outgrown its capacity, with almost 50 additional children unable to attend due to lack of space. An FCF grant, along with other donations, enabled the expansion of an adjacent 5002 ft. school building in 2011, furnished with high-quality school desks and chairs. The multi-function design includes moveable dividers between the three classrooms instead of permanent walls, allowing for bright and airy learning spaces as well as a multi-purpose assembly hall.

The Atambua School, which now provides educational opportunities for all the village students from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade is a bright beacon of hope for the 150 families in this disadvantaged area who previously had no chance of ever being able to send their children to school.