With ongoing violence and unrest in the region, the economic, demographic and political impact continues to amplify across Lebanon. Over 1 million Syrian refugees have crossed into Lebanon, and despite large-scale humanitarian efforts, these conflict-refugees face extreme hardship and vulnerability. In the capital, tens of thousands of refugees who fled their homes to escape the civil war in their own country live in camps or other cramped quarters, many begging or pedaling wares on the crowded streets to survive and feed their families. 

Project partner Family Care Lebanon (FCL) has been distributing humanitarian aid in Beirut for many years, as well as providing inspirational programs for displaced children, working alongside United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). FCL’s relief work greatly intensified with the onset of the Syrian refugee crisis, and staff and volunteers continue to do all they can to help in this humanitarian crisis through assisting social institutions providing basic services, as well as distributing aid directly to hundreds of refugee families living in informal settlements in desperate need of blankets, clothing, food and basic items. 

Collaborating with private business donors, the Lebanese Food Bank, and other concerned individuals, FCL regularly assists over 700 people through distributions at seven institutions, including a soup kitchen, hospitals, schools, a center for the handicapped, and a drug rehab center. These centers provide services to both poor Lebanese and refugees in need. 

FCL’s “Care in A Box” program involves hundreds of man hours per month of collecting, sorting, boxing and distributing goods donated by local businesses or sent from overseas, such as clothing, linens, school supplies and food stuffs. This program benefits up to thousands of people every month, creating an effective bridge between donors and recipients identified as most in need.