FCF project partner Code for Change (formerly "Change the World Trust") is a non-profit organization based in Johannesburg, developing innovative educational and social projects, with a specific focus on affordable IT development for underserved communities. Since its launch in 2009, four IT training centers have been established in two provinces throughout South Africa and one in Maputo, Mozambique.

Certified as both Microsoft and Cisco Academies, each center provides free or subsidized IT training 5-days a week for underprivileged youth, mostly bright high school graduates, who are unable to enter the fast-moving corporate world due to digital illiteracy. Courses include two levels of IT and soft skills, and advanced PC Technician training, with a focus on real-time, practical training. Code for Change also offers program graduates job placement and entrepreneurial support. Students are empowered with practical IT expertise, certified recognition, and increased employment possibilities in IT integrated positions.

In 2012, a franchise model was launched to empower youth-centric organizations in providing professional skills development programs. Through this model, Code for Change is offering accreditation, training for new instructors, and quality monitoring for examinations and program execution. In order to facilitate this expansion and growth, a grant from Family Care Foundation funded the restructuring of the automated digital management system and implementation of a customized cloud-based learning structure.

Two new franchises are now successfully operating in Gauteng province under the Code for Change umbrella. The model also includes plans to utilize existing infrastructure within under-resourced communities, such as primary and high schools, offering IT workshops and weekend boot camps for school youth, free basic computer training for teachers, and a mobile IT center to serve rural areas.