Naloa is an exceptional young lady.

Naloa first came into out lives at FDSC a few years ago. She ended up missing a lot of school lessons when she took time off to care of her dying mother who was HIV positive. During that time she often went to work at the largest market in the city from 9pm-6am selling vegetables in order to raise $3 per day, or joined seasonal workers gathering peanuts from the fields for a measly 20 cents per flat basket.

Naloa's mother passed on when she was still just 15 years old, and through sheer grit and determination, Naloa, under scholarship from FDSC, completed high school.  Caring for her sick mother forced her to grow up before her time, and adopt a very mature approach to life.

FDSC then offered her an internship in our mentorship program and she is currently working closely with our projects, whilst at the same time, taking a formal English-language course.  Naloa's spoken English is more than passable, however she is weak in formal English writing lessons, and for both the tourism and community work that she is interested in pursuing she realizes the need to be able to read and write well in English. 

Offering scholarships helps bridge gaps that would otherwise be insurmountable for students like Naloa. She is now happy, productive and looking forward to her future!

--This story contributed by FDSC Project Managers Sally Golding and Darika Puntamon.