Praew is 18 years old and recently graduated from Chit Aree Social Welfare School. 

Her father had passed away in 2003, and she lived for awhile with her mother, a poor rural farmer.  Praew came to our attention during our Confidence, Initiative and Leadership course for ‘youth at risk’ in 2010.  She was hard not to miss, always sporting a chirpy smile, and her natural confidence spurring her to willingly volunteering and participating in all the activities. 

Praew is now at Chiang Mai University on a full tuition scholarship to study dance and education.  This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate her.  In order to make this all possible FDSC was able to offer Praew an additional grant from our scholarship funds to cover her dormitory rental, food, transportation and daily living costs.

Praew is a confident young lady but the move has proven challenging and she’s called us quite often, seeking advice and encouragement.  FDSC staff makes regular follow up visits to Praew, teaching her how to budget her money, and giving her the extra English language classes she needs in order to compete, and at the same time offering support while she adjusts to living in the city and attending a large campus. 


--This story contributed by FDSC Project Managers Sally Golding and Darika Puntamon.