Family Care Edu-Vision International Services

Project No: F30

Project Managers:
Simon Danmola, Jan Merour

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Project Managers: Simon Danmola, Jan Merour

Abuja, the Nigerian federal capitol is a modern and well organized city. The same cannot be said of the villages ringing the capitol, where many who work in Abuja live.

Nor are there schools in many of these villages. Family Care Edu-vision International Services (FCE) provides qualitative education for children from less privileged rural communities in the Abuja region.

In one such village, Gwako, FCE built a primary school for 300 children, followed by a secondary school. These schools established by FCE for the targeted communities also provide adult literacy classes, primarily for the village women, as well as train local teachers and provide them with employment.

FCE also operates two vocational training centers in Zaria and Udil for Vasico Vaginal Fistula patients (VVF).

Abuja, Nigeria