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Project No: F39

Project Managers:
Robin Yamaguchi, Michael Opira

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Factoid: Uganda is a fertile country that unfortunately was horribly ravaged by war for many years: Idi Amin’s regime killed hundreds of thousands, followed by the 20-year atrocity-ridden war with the LRA rebels under Kony. There are literally millions of orphans, especially here in the north of the country where so many were abducted from their schools and forced to become child soldiers or sex-slaves to the rebel officers. A shocking 58% of the population are only 15 years old and under. Child-headed families abound. There is a huge vacuum for healing and training.

Project Managers: Robin Yamaguchi, Michael Opira

Family Care Uganda (FCU) has been operating as a registered entity in the country since 1999, involved in a broad range of assistance programs both in Kampala and surrounding communities, as well as remote villages of the Karamojong and Ik tribes. 

Since 2009, FCU has been actively involved in the care and education of 160 orphans in Gulu, a northern Ugandan town. Each of these children lost one or both of their parents and in many cases siblings as well, as a result of the atrocities of the Kony war.

A school currently cares for 160 orphans who are being taught Primary 1 through 7, as well as receiving personal care and counseling. Through sponsorships, FCU has been able to supply desks, text books, school uniforms and shoes for all the children, as well as moral development materials, teachers’ monthly salaries, and basic food staples. FCU has also been providing ongoing teachers’ training and counseling to the staff.

In order to address the dire needs for the longer term, FCU has developed the Family Care Village Project—a unique self-sustainable orphan community program, designed to be a successful model to be adapted and replicated throughout the north of Uganda and surrounding countries. 

The essential components of the Family Care Village Project include:

•    Educational program for primary students
•    Low-cost family housing units
•    Environmental conservation
•    Self-sustainability
•    Hands-on involvement and training
•    Teacher training and workshops
•    Vocational training


How you can assist the Family Care Village Project

Gulu, Uganda