Side by Side International

Project No: P09

Project Managers:
Koji and Akiko Sasaki

Contact Info:

The  Cambodian Ministry of Health recognized SBSI as a comprehensive coordinator for nationwide deployment of disaster and emergency related support activities.    

Project Managers: Koji and Akiko Sasaki

Side By Side International, based in Japan, is an authorized non-profit organization recognized by the National Tax Agency, and was established with the vision of working together with NGOs and charities in Cambodia and other developing nations to further convergent goals.

Side By Side International, which was founded by Koji Sasaki, has broadened its endeavors and support base over the years to meet medical, educational, and other humanitarian needs for the needy of Cambodia, Southeast Asia and Africa. As such, the volunteer-driven organization procures and provides humanitarian aid in various forms to the disadvantaged in an ever-expanding network.

Japan, Cambodia