Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan

Project No: P10

Project Managers:
Thomas Bergstrom Albert Ross Carl Arnold

Contact Info:

Project Managers: Thomas Bergstrom Albert Ross Carl Arnold

Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (English transalation:"Future Horizon Foundation") has been carrying out voluntary work in Jakarta and various parts of Indonesia for well over a decade. Working together with like-minded groups and individuals, Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (YCMD) establish educational scholarship programs, distribute food and basic necessities to the underprivileged, organize seminars, educational workshops and motivational programs, in addition to involvement in the following activities:

- Providing goods and services to the poor—including fundraising for, orphanages, other institutions, needy individuals and students
- Programs for orphans and street children, including English language and computer skills 
- Building schools in disadvantaged areas of Indonesia 
- Educational seminars and materials for pre-school teachers in rural areas

- Distribution of children’s educational materials
- Humanitarian aid distribution during disasters 
- Disaster preparedness education and awareness for children
- Programs for child disaster victims
- Development and implementation of a Trauma Counseling Program 
- Tsunami rebuilding and relief in Banda Aceh. Read more

Jakarta, Indonesia