Family Care Lebanon

Project No: A05

Project Managers:
Bruno Freulon

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Project Managers: Bruno Freulon

Family Care Lebanon is a charitable project staffed by volunteers with the mission to try to make the world a better place by promoting volunteerism in community service opportunities. (Family Care Lebanon is a Registered Charity in Lebanon, Ministry of the Interior for Lebanon, # 121/AD.)

The relief work of Family Care Lebanon intensified in the wake of recent wars, providing urgent basic supplies for displaced and refugee families. 

An unique program that Family Care Lebanon has developed is “Be Aware”, a presentation for school children that uses animation to raise awareness and educate kids about the danger of land mines. It is estimated that 150,000 landmines of all categories are currently in Lebanon, primarily in the south. Thus the target area for the “Be Aware” program are villages in the south of the country, where land mine awareness is a matter of life and death.

Humanitarian help is needed as the plight of refugees and displaced families is desperate. Following close on the heels of this immediate need is the growing level of want and poverty, as so many businesses have been totally destroyed or have had to close from lack of supply, leaving many thousands more families without work or the means to now earn a livelihood.

Family Care Lebanon seeks to bring relief and comfort in a tangible way and in order to do so effectively we need financial help from outside the country to buy the basic commodities needed to assist people. 

The Social Welfare is quasi non existent here and relies mainly on private endeavors. Finances are needed to purchase items such as milk for children, flour, canned goods, bedding, cleaning supplies, soap, clothing and shoes. If you are able to contribute financially to our relief project, please donate online, specifying your gift is for "Lebanon Relief". Thank you!

Beirut, Lebanon