Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Project No: P27

Project Managers:
Flemming and Elisabet Hansen

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Project Managers: Flemming and Elisabet Hansen

Rise Above Foundation (RAF), a non-profit NGO, is an international group of individuals focused on improving the quality of life for the underprivileged in Cebu, Philippines. Activities include providing health, hygiene, and educational programs, conducting skills training, disaster relief assistance, and aid distribution to impoverished communities. The following highlights RAF's key program areas:

  • The RAF Community Center:  Equipped with a dental clinic, computer instruction lab, children’s library, and an instructional kitchen. The Center offers free dental treatment, education for out-of-school-youth via the “Alternative Learning System” (ALS), and facilitates a variety of nutrition programs for undernourished families.
  • Family Care Child-Minding Center: Children ages 3-6 receive free childcare and preschool education in a clean and healthy environment. These children come from very poor families who don’t have the means to send their kids to school.
  • Educational Program: Nearly 100 children have received sponsorship for elementary and high school education since 2005. Select older students are sponsored for vocational or college courses.
  • Recy-Bags Livelihood Program: Unemployed women learn how to weave bags and mats from recycled rice and feed sacks, giving their families a steady income through the sale of the products, while also converting waste material into beautiful, trendy bags.
  • Internship/Volunteer Program: Up to 200 volunteer interns from several countries participate in this program every year. The interns, who most often come to help during their holidays, are placed in 29 institutions, schools, and hospitals in Cebu for periods ranging from 3 weeks to 6 months.
  • Medical and Dental Missions & Oral Health Program: Foreign and local dentists, dental hygienists and technicians volunteer for RAF’s Free Dental Missions and Medical Missions, held in depressed areas of Cebu, treating over 35,000 patients to date. The Oral Health program teaches proper oral care and personal hygiene to over 25,000 school kids.
  • Food Program: Initiated in 2005, this program has provided up to 550 healthy lunches weekly for children in disadvantaged elementary schools throughout Cebu.
  • Disaster Relief: Through generous donations, RAF is able to bring vital emergency aid to those at the epicenter of natural disasters. After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, RAF helped rebuild 105 houses and two schools, built or restored multiple fishing boats, and re-planted local vegetable gardens for these struggling families.
Cebu City, Philippines