The Foundation for Developing and Supporting Children (FDSC)

Project No: P05

Project Managers:
Darika Puntamon, Sally Golding

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Thailand is well known as “The Land Of Smiles.”

Some 69% of Thailand's population lives in rural areas, with around 29.9% desperately poor (by western standards) and earning $100 or less, per month.

A large percentage of rural students drop out after Grade Six—at only 12 years of age—even though the government mandates nine years of free education.

The challenge is largely due to the fact that poorer families prefer their children to stay at home and work on the farms, seeing little need for education.

Project Managers: Darika Puntamon, Sally Golding

The Foundation for Developing and Supporting Children (FDSC), previously known as CMFS, began its work in Chiang Mai in 1997. Its programs focus on educational, social and humanitarian development, and are dedicated to making a difference today, for tomorrow, in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Northern Thailand.

FDSC’s primary objective is to provide educational opportunities for all ages, as well as targeted programs to address the emotional and physical needs of rural Thailand’s youth. The aim is to aid and support underprivileged children and teenagers in becoming positive and productive members of society, who are focused, socially well-adjusted and able to build constructive relationships.

The secret to more than a decade of successful programs stems from FDSC’s resounding motto that, “Whoever you are, whatever you believe, believe you can make a difference”. Through forging strong partnerships and collaborative efforts with sponsors, community members and oversees volunteers, FDSC is making a lasting difference.

FDSC is presently involved with the following programs:


Chiang Mai, Thailand