Astrakhan Initiative for Minors (AIM)

Astrakhan Initiative for Minors conducted classes and seminars for teenagers and young adults in orphanages, shelters, kindergartens, primary schools, as well as Chechnyan refugee camps.

When Astrakhan Initiative was given the use of a property, they renovated it and turned it for a center for street kids. This property became their base of operations for classes and seminars for Astrakhan youth, as well as providing free medical help courtesy of volunteer doctors and staff.

A "Return to School" program targeted youth who had quit school prematurely to resume their studies and/or prepare for exams.

Children who had never entered school were encouraged to do so and were supplied with needed books, etc, combined with home visitation and counseling.

Additionally, Astrakhan Initiative developed a program promoting AIDS awareness and anti-drug campaigns.

Astrakhan, Russia