Sonce v Srcu

Project Managers:
Etienne Verger & Erica MacDonald

Project Managers: Etienne Verger & Erica MacDonald

Sonce v Srcu (SVS) which translates as “Sun in the Heart,” is a registered association in Slovenia, active since 2005. SVS volunteers devote their time and efforts towards motivational social programs for those in need. Its programs aim to make a difference by offering spiritual and practical solutions for the challenges of life through actions that manifest kindness and compassion and serve to improve the lives of others.

The primary focuses of SVS are education, social welfare, and social development. Key target areas include: early education, youth training and counseling, and stress management. Sponsorship and distribution programs for the needy are also a regular part of its activities.


Regular programs include:

  • Cultural workshops and excursions for a center for children and teenagers from dysfunctional families as well as orphans.
  • Bi-weekly English Workshops and personal interaction at a rehabilitation center for patients recovering from serious cranial trauma.
  • A youth club fostering volunteer initiatives and offering personal development workshops and motivational counseling.
  • Distribution of humanitarian aid to struggling families and individuals.
Ljubljana, Slovenia