Casa de Corazones

Project Managers:
Adrian and Cheri Ramirez

Project Managers: Adrian and Cheri Ramirez

Casa de Corazones was a Central American mission established in 1998. Through its “El Tren de Alegria” program, Casa de Corazones provided motivational presentations for children in orphanages, hospitals and schools, complete with music, skits, and activities.

Their “Baby Wrap” program focused on pregnant women in need. Care packages containing handmade baby blankets, a layette of baby clothes and a cuddly toy for their baby. Each mother received personal counseling concerning their delivery, and follow-up included food items, vitamins, medical supplies, clothing, and other items on a case-by-case basis. 

Co-Manager Cheri Carner Ramirez offered continuing education classes to local traditional midwives. Training ranged from washing techniques to checking blood pressure, coupled with educational handouts.

Guatemala City, Guatemala