Project Managers:
Juan Power and Martha Sutter

Project Managers: Juan Power and Martha Sutter

CONFIA was created in 1995 to benefit poor communities in the greater La Paz area of Bolivia. Their work initially focused on assisting orphans and street children, and those interned in hospitals and institutions. This ranged from organizing milk drives and food donations to procuring books and educational tools needed to significantly improve the educational infrastructure of the city's orphanages.

CONFIA continued to broaden their scope of operation to include capacity-building programs in the areas of Advocacy, Reproductive Health education and Gender Equality, Legal Aid and Citizenship.

El Alto, a city 45 minutes outside La Paz, has four districts with a total population of 750,000. Much of the population is comprised of emigrants from rural areas. The index of poverty is 75%, with 50% extremely poor. CONFIA partners with the Civil Society of El Alto, and coordinates efforts with the El Alto Health Department and "Defensorías" (a department of City Hall which deals with all population at risk).

La Paz, Bolivia