CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES! (Excerpt from Bolivian Times newspaper article)


Not often one would consider a La Paz Orphanage a place where dreams come true, but for two consecutive years, thanks to the selfless interest of such individuals as Isabel Girardot Berg of the World Bank, and a host of enterprises, Christmas at Mixto La Paz orphanage was just that.

Isabel Gerardot Berg (above) enjoying the moment at Mixto while delivering Christmas gifts to orphans. This Christmas, two orphanages celebrated together, with gifts sponsored by a group of Marines and their wives,attached to the U.S. Embassy.

In addition to Project Managers Juan Power and Martha Sutter, other CONFIA
team members include:

  • Luis Alfredo Gavilano
    Technology Department
    Systems Analyst. Creator of a tech program for the blind.
  • Beatriz Murillo De la Riva.
    Reproductive Health Consultant offers training in Advocacy in gender equality and women rights. Specialist in Evaluations.
  • Tatiana Flores Escobar.
    Legal Department. Worked for four years offering free Legal Aid to rural communities.
  • Dr. Aracelli Cabrero De Lazarte
    Medical Department. Worked for two years administering free medical Aid to Street Children