Overseas Missions

Project Managers:
Cristina, Michael and Grace Poe

Project Managers: Cristina, Michael and Grace Poe

Michael and Cristina Poe, and their daughter Grace, of Overseas Missions were active in missionary work in different countries of South America for over 20 years. Their work in Chile focused on assistance to:

  • Mistreated children, providing material assistance, and one-on-one attention and counseling. Hospital patients, via Play-Therapy workshops to help children and families cope with serious illnesses.
  • Orphanages and Children's Homes, providing food, clothing, tools, books, school supplies, basic needs, etc.
  • Students of the Bible, teaching Bible basics, and application of Bible principals. Youth camps & Workshops, providing young people with dynamic opportunities, as well as classes on conflict resolution, fighting negative peer pressure, etc.
  • Juvenile Detention Centers, through programs and workshops for men and juvenile offenders, plus individual counseling
  • Other social programs such as organizing activities for the blind, visiting senior citizens in nursing homes and assistance in disaster-relief efforts.
Santiago, Chile