Silver Lining

Project Managers:
Kristen Zaldivar

Project Managers: Kristen Zaldivar

Silver Lining, Hope for Tomorrow programs include:

  • Medical Prosthetic Campaign- An annual partnership campaign with Dr. John Brinkley, Diplomate Ocularist, C.D.T. and Central Prosthetics Orthotics of Texas to provide eye and leg prosthetics to the unfortunate people of Saltillo who have had accidents or birth defects. Silver Lining seeks out the candidates through government and private organizations, then handle interviews and documentation thereby allowing a medical analysis, followed by permission clearance from the health, hospital and government.
  • Institution Visitation Program- Counseling offered to inmates of three institutions, a Juvenile Home, a men’s prison and a women's prison, as well as programs for families of inmates, utilizing theater, music and literature.
  • Food Distribution for the Poor. 
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico