Project No: L07

Project Managers:
Timothy Martiny Sharie Martiny

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Project Managers: Timothy Martiny Sharie Martiny

Cadanino (English translation “Every Child”) was created to serve the need of orphaned, vulnerable and disabled children in Guatemala. Cadanino Project Managers Timothy and Sharie Martiny have lived in Guatemala since 2002.

There are an estimated 370,000 orphans in Guatemala. For these children the future is an uncertain one. While almost 60% of children in Guatemala never complete primary school, among those that do finish, pursuing higher education is difficult, if not unattainable. With education as a ladder to success, Cadanino has made it their mission to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to climb that ladder.

Cadanino’s hands-on programs offer practical life skills training to adolescent youth enabling them to achieve a better quality of life and achieve gainful employment. Classes focus on fostering positive qualities such as self-confidence, personal motivation, and integrity, which boosts their ability to overcome marginalization and resulting lack of self-esteem, often prevalent in impoverished communities.

Cadanino currently operates in three locations:
- An orphanage in the Town of San Jose Pinula where they have a workshop and teach woodworking, CNC engineering, culinary arts and computer skills.

- Skills for Life community center that serves vulnerable children from the slums of Guatemala City. Over 100 children are enrolled in afternoon programs where they learn computer skills, typing, graphics design, coding and web design, have access to a library and the internet for research and participate in motivational classes.
- Daycare facility for profoundly disabled children and adults. Through quality care of professional staff coupled with the loving touch of nannies, holistic care is provided that meets the personalized needs of participants and strives to love and serve them as individuals. The goal is that they will live structured lives, as independent and joyfully as possible.

Guatemala City, Guatemala