Proyecto Rescate

Project No: M14

Project Managers:
Christina Oehler Miguel Bouchan

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Project Managers: Christina Oehler Miguel Bouchan

Proyecto Rescate is a non-profit organization based in Monterrey, Mexico. Established in 2002 as a grass-roots endeavor, its mission is to relieve the suffering of children and youth who are entrenched in poverty, delinquency, social decline, drug addictions, depression or insecurity, and create a chain reaction of positive social change. The organization’s central goal is to guide children and youth towards a brighter future outside their arena of distress. 

In a country where nearly half the population lives on an average of $2.90 a day, Proyecto Rescate’s programs help address essential needs of food, clothing and medicine for impoverished communities. Countless families and individuals in Mexico go without proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness, domestic violence, or divorce. And while the adult population is susceptible to hard times, children are the most vulnerable in these conditions and thus the primary constituents for most of Proyecto Rescate’s programs, which include: 

  • Vanguard of Values – Saving young lives through character education and anti-drug programs

Surrounded by corruption, drugs and violence, the decline to delinquency is a growing trend in marginalized areas of Mexico. Vanguard of Values works to reverse that trend in collaboration with local schools, institutions, communities and drug rehabilitation centers through its lively programs and book distributions. 

  • Consider the Needy – Providing basic humanitarian aid

Supplying impoverished families, institutions and medical facilities with essential basic needs of food, clothing, school supplies and improved housing is an effective short-term relief strategy. It works as a stop-gap measure while longer term sustainable aid programs are implemented to improve their lives permanently.

  • Conéctate – Life Consultants and Coaches

Proyecto Rescate is passionate about helping people from any walk of life find comfort and peace of mind, and guiding them into a life plan for success and prosperity. Methods include life coaching, seminars, workshops and many other personalized programs designed for adults and teenagers.

Monterrey, Mexico