Our goal is to enable, educate, and empower the disabled, who are otherwise severely stigmatized, and whose potential is overlooked in many developing nations due to their handicap. These ground-breaking special education programs for the hearing impaired in the Indian Subcontinent have attracted international attention, and promote advocacy, self-esteem, and vocational training for the deaf.

Some of our projects that support the physically challenged

Family Care Coimbatore

Coimbatore, India

Family Care Coimbatore, incorporated as a Trust in 2001, is an autonomous unit with programs for the deaf and hearing impaired in the Indian States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. (Throughout all of India there are an estimated 60 million deaf persons.)

Esahn Family Assistance

Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand

Esahn Family Assistance operates in the North East of Thailand, having established long-term and on-going community services projects.

Family Services Vizag

Visakhapatnam, India

Family Services Vizag developed a program for deaf youth which focuses on teaching them both to communicate and adjust to society. The second element is an attempt to counter the tendency of local mores to ostracize those with handicaps. So in addition to the educational aspect, the program is designed to help the deaf overcome the immense emotional and psychological effect their handicap has had on them.


Santiago, Chile

FEDES (Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social) focuses on education and social and economic development, and is dedicated to bettering the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Chile.

Hands-On Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam, known for the strength and resilience of its people, is rebounding, following a long history of war and suffering. However, as much as half the current population of 90.5 million live on less than $2 a day, and many of them on less than $1. There is still a great need for assistance for the poor, disadvantaged and disabled.