Within hours of the tsunami tragedy that struck Asia in the last days of 2004, Family Care Foundation (FCF) responded with immediate assistance for victims in India, Thailand and Indonesia. And FCF Project Partners continue on the ground to this day, responding to the most urgent reconstruction needs, as well as assessing livelihood needs.

INDIA – A united relief effort was coordinated in the villages of Tamil Nadu State, followed by a program focusing on the replacement of fishing boats for the villagers in order to sustain their livelihood. Construction of a school for village children ages 6 - 14 is now underway, with an orphanage to follow.

THAILAND – FCF is involved in the communities of Phuket, Phangna, and Ranong, three of the worst affected provinces. FCF partners assisted in the grassroots development and staffing of a daycare center for tsunami orphans and children of tsunami survivors, and remain involved in ongoing restructuring efforts.

INDONESIA – FCF focused efforts in Aceh, with trauma counseling in coordination with the Red Cross, as well as mobile phone and aid distribution, and is now concentrating on replacement of fishing boats for the villagers.

FCF assures that 100% of all donations designated for tsunami relief will be used for tsunami relief efforts in the disaster areas, bypassing all other overhead.

The reconstruction is well underway but is a long-term and multi-faceted undertaking. In any crisis, the first step to recovery is to meet basic physical needs. The following steps, focusing on the sustainability of these devastated communities, are an ongoing process. Thousands of families are still impacted by the tsunami and need your help.

Please direct your cash donations to Family Care Foundation, allowing us to continue to mobilize workers to help these dear people find some measure of normalcy in their lives, after this horrendous tragedy. No gift is too small to help in some way.